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 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
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 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
 InvisiCar Plate Defender
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InvisiCar Plate Defender

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Grab InvisiCar Plate Defender now and join the intelligent drivers who enjoy greater privacy and security on the go. Get your protection from traffic cameras today – a small step towards lasting protection!

 InvisiCar is a game-changer! Its undetectable sticker design shields my license plate discreetly, adding a layer of privacy and security. This defender is a must-have for those who value protection without compromising on style. Easy to install and it really complements my vehicle perfectly.” - Shanita Manzano, Oregon

“This Plate Defender seamlessly blends privacy and style! The stealth technology keeps my license plate incognito, safeguarding my identity. It's a sleek addition to my vehicle, enhancing both security and aesthetics. A smart choice for the modern driver.” - Mae Parrish, Oklahoma

Are you tired of the endless cycle of speeding tickets, legal disputes and driving license penalties?

Speeding tickets and getting fined are just some of the worst problems for drivers. There are monitoring camera, sensors that track your speed, lane position and rate of acceleration. Other surveillance can make your ride safe, comfortable and convenient. But they can also identify when you are speeding by verifying the speed limit from your GPS position or traffic signs, jam your radios and cameras.

Introducing  InvisiCar Plate Defender - Your Ultimate Protection Against Speed cameras, Red light Cameras and Photo Radars

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our plate defender offers a foolproof solution to evade detection by traffic surveillance cameras. These invisible stickers serve as invisible protection against infrared flashes and flashes in the visible spectrum, making your license plate symbols virtually undetectable to IR speed cameras or cameras with visible flashes.

How does  InvisiCar works?

This Plate Defender cleverly uses advanced optical technology to protect your license plate from traffic cameras. The reflection and absorption of specific wavelengths of light from these cameras ensures that your plate remains invisible in both infrared and flash photography. This cutting-edge approach, combined with its ease of use and robust design, makes the  InvisiCar a critical tool for proactive drivers who value privacy and protection on their rides.

Here’s more of what our happy customers say about our product:

“This Plate Defender is invisible yet powerful! Its anti-surveillance design ensures my movements stay private, and the durable material of the sticker guarantees long-lasting protection. This defender combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use, delivering on both functionality and aesthetics.” - Louie Osborne

“Drive with confidence using  InvisiCar! This innovative shield not only conceals my license plate but also elevates my vehicle's security. The easy installation and sleek appearance make it a must-have accessory for those who prioritize discreet yet powerful protection on the road.” - John Begley

What makes InvisiCar Plate Defender Your Best Choice?

✔  Infrared and Flash Camouflage: Blocks infrared signals and flashes in the visible spectrum emitted by speed cameras and radar devices. 

✔  Tailored for Vehicles: Compatible with cars, trucks and bikes.  

✔  Discreet and Damage-Free Installation: Easy to install, ultra-thin (0.18mm), fits your license plate perfectly and goes virtually unnoticed.  

✔  Long Durability: High quality waterproof stickers designed to last at least 5 years.  


Are these stickers legal for use on vehicles?

Although our stickers are designed to protect your privacy, their legality may vary depending on your location. We recommend checking local regulations regarding the use of such products before using them in your vehicle.

How easy is it to install the  InvisiCar?

Installing the Plate Defender is straightforward and hassle-free. The stickers are easy to apply and are thin enough to blend seamlessly with your license plate.

Will these stickers affect the visibility or legibility of my license plate?

No, our  InvisiCar stickers are ultra-thin and nearly invisible. They do not hinder or affect the readability of your license plate to the naked eye.

How long do the  InvisiCar stickers last?

Our stickers are made from high quality, durable materials and ensure a lifespan of at least 5 years under normal conditions. They are waterproof and wear-resistant.

Do these stickers work against all types of traffic surveillance cameras?

Our  InvisiCar Defender is designed to be effective against infrared speed cameras and cameras with visible flashes. However, effectiveness may vary depending on camera model and technology. 

Can I remove the stickers without damaging my license plate?

Yes,  InvisiCar decals can be removed without damaging your license plate. If there are still adhesive residues remaining, these can usually be easily cleaned.

Does using these stickers ensure complete protection from speeding tickets?

Although our InvisiCar provides effective protection, it is important to drive responsibly and obey traffic laws. No product can guarantee complete immunity from detection by all enforcement methods.

Can these stickers be used on motorcycles or other vehicles with non-standard license plates?

Yes, the InvisiCar Plate Defender decals are versatile and can be applied to various types of vehicles, including motorcycles and those with non-standard license plates.

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